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Enlistment Procedure

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Enlistment Procedure Empty Enlistment Procedure

Post by Frederickson 17/7/2015, 13:17

To apply to join our group please read the following guidelines as you will be expected to adhere to them on acceptance into the Bataljon.

-Inform an officer or NCO if you cannot make it to a training or event.
-Inform an officer or NCO if you have to go away for a longer period of time,
as in vacation or what ever the reason might be.
-If you leave the regiment notify us
-Follow orders! Do not question your superiors.
-Respect your superiors! Know your place and dont fuck around.
-Do your duty according to your rank. Do not take on the duties of higher ranks than yours.
-Be serious and act serious in trainings/events. Do not fool around.
-Do not abuse your rank & power in any way!
-Never give orders if you're not in command, not even as a suggestion as it can be mistaken as an order.
-No teamkilling during events ever, even if it's not live or the event is over!

-Respect the members of enemy armies. This is to avoid 2 peoples conflict growing into a huge problem which can affect the regiment.
-Any actions which puts the regiment at risk of any kind. Remember, wherever you wear our tags that you represent the regiment with your actions.
-Do not inform the enemy sides regarding confidential information within the regiment.
-No double or multiregimenting.

Breaking any of these rules can result in your immediate removal from the regiment.

Now that you have read and understood the Code of Conduct you may post your application.
Post a topic named "Application (insert your name here)" then copy and paste the application template located in this forum and fill it out to the best of your ability.
Good luck rekruut.

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