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Application. Empty Application.

Post by mbx 20/8/2015, 20:25

[b]Name:Tea (probably will use a historical name).
[b]Age: 14 but mature. I don't fool around.
[b]Desired name:Probably choose a historical name if not it will be Tea.
[b]Country:United Stats/ Alaska.
[b]Prior clan/regiment experience: Many regiments before.
[b]Reason for joining:Seems interesting never seen a dutch regiment before. Looks fun. (:
[b]How did you find us?:The forums.
[b]Are you able to attend our events?:Should be able to attend most.
[b]Have you read and understood the Code of Conduct and agree to adhere to it?:Yes.
[b]Do you have a microphone?:Yes but it is bad so i might not talk unless im being asked a question or such.
[b]Do you have Teamspeak 3 installed?:Yes.

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Application. Empty Re: Application.

Post by Frederickson 20/8/2015, 20:35

Accepted under probationary terms. We regularly recruit only 17+. We will take you on with volunteer tags for a period of probation to see if you will fit in with the regiment. after about two weeks of this we will decide if you are to become a full member or dismissed.

Tags: 2de_Vjlr_Name
Ingame Banner: Dutch flag (3 horizontal bars, from top to bottom colours are red, white blue.)

you will be given the teamspeak info on friday shortly before the event.

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